Jiangsu University China

Application & JW202 Fees: 60000 INR (It’s also Include Airport Pickup and other assistance after students reach China)

Tuition Fees: 40000
RMB/Year Hostel Fees: 8700 RMB/Year
Miscellaneous: 2700 RMB (Include Residence permit, Medical checkup, Insurance, Registration)

1. Main Fees

All students are expected to pay off fees on arrival, or will be unable to obtain resident permit. Advance Seat fees (6400 Yuan, which will be treated as part of tuition fee & registration fee when you register) need to deposit once admission letter issued, which is not refundable. Fees can be reviewed by JU according to the actual world economic situation every year.

2. Other Fees
  1. Physical Examination: 340 Yuan(to be paid to Zhenjiang Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau by candidate)
  2. Resident Permit: 400 Yuan(to be paid to Public Security Bureau by candidate)
  3. Books: Flexible, about 600 Yuan/year


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