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Russia is a developed country offered the best professional courses like MBBS, MS/MD, ENGINEERING at very low fees in comparison to the others countries. Every year about 30% of the international students approach Russia to pursue their career. The total number of students at the School was defined as 500, but at times went up to 700 persons. The School taught mathematics, geodesy, sea sailing, cartography, astronomy and a number of other engineering and technical subjects. It was soon placed in the building of Sucharyovskaya Tower, which incorporated special laboratories equipped for practical studies and an observatory.

Russia is a major contributor in Engineering and Technology sector and offers varied opportunities in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Radio Engineering, Laser Technology and many more. If you are looking forward to apply to a college in Russia offering Engineering and Technology then all you need to do is apply at the respective university directly. You may also need to give TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) as an admission criteria in some universities.

Russia is well known for best quality education education along with many facilities like:

  • Russia has always been ahead in the field of education and more specifically Medicine and Engineering.
  • Universities of Russia offer a very economical fee structure to study MBBS and Engineering as compared to most parts of Europe as well as India.
  • Accommodation and living cost in Russia is very affordable and comfortable and most of them are in-campus.
  • Courses offer for MBBS and Engineering for international students are in English and Russian language.
  • No IELTS/TOFEL or any other exam is required.
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